“Public” is part of an ongoing photo series which questions the roles in specific urban situations as transitional spaces from public to private.


Inspired by his activity as an architect Frederic Guillaud urges us to understand our urban environments and find poetry and beauty in the chaos we live in.


While during his former architectural career, Guillaud was taught to build spaces, compose with volumes and understand the needs of societies. As a photographer he deconstructs his knowledge in order to find happy accidents, coincidences and unusual layers.

Using this contrast, the limits between public and private spaces are revealed and we can see the city as a living whole.


17/09 “El turista permanente, portrait d’une ville”, collective show, festival Photogénic, Barcelona Spain
17/09 “Fred Guillaud, 2015″, solo show, Union of Artists of Russia”, Nizhny Tagil Russia
17/06 “Fred Guillaud, 2015”, solo show, Museum of art of Nijni Taguil Russia
17/02 “Inside Instagram”, collective show, Onomato Kunstlerverein gallery, Düsseldorf Germany
17/02 “Subjectively Objective”, collective show, Detroit USA
17/02 “Atmospheric urban scenes”, solo show, Space Place Gallery, Nijni Taguil Russia
16/12 “All Inclusive”, collective show, gallery HVW8, Berlin Germany
15/09 “Schenzen”, collective show, ENSAG Grenoble France
12/05 “BCN Offset”, solo show, Casa Gracia, Barcelona Spain
12/01 “Untiltled”, solo show, maison de l’Architecture Centre, Orléans France
07/10 “Dias de Barcelona”, solo show, maison de l’Architecture de l’Isère, Grenoble France

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Jardins de la rambla de Sants

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Gare de Nice

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Carrer Joan Miró

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Carrer de Torrassa

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Vanke center

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