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Doka Featured 30: Alessandro Zanoni

Doka Featured 30: Alessandro Zanoni


“I arrived at photography pretty late, almost by chance. Maybe I was tired of being alone during my travels, perhaps I wanted to keep some memories. I have always enjoyed walking for hours, getting lost in the city and now I can document these walks of mine, underlining aspects that are not very visible to the distracted tourist, remote and silent corners.”⠀

“The silence is an essential aspect of my work, I do not research, but I always find it in my shots. The rare human presences are silent and often distant characters, as in a film by Michelangelo Antonioni. I am in love with Asia, with the vastness of its cities, with the adaptability of its inhabitants, with the life that pulsates, unstoppable, even when the night goes down and becomes colored with its neon lights.”⠀

“My work is mainly focused on the discovery of unusual and desolate urban landscapes, it is a look at contemporary culture without judgment.”⠀ ⠀







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