Our motivation

Doka releases Fine Art prints of the highest quality for accessible prices. We obtain this goal by working with emerging talent and creating 12 to 48 piece limited editions for you to enjoy.

We offer museum quality prints and spot and support new talent. We also hope to introduce Fine Art photography to the people that are not yet familiar with it.

Our goal is to inspire you through Fine Art photography. Not only through the works themselves, but also through the stories behind them. We curate and narrate the work of talented photographers and translate them into high quality Fine Art prints.

Doka brings back significance and desirability to all of our photographers’ works by giving a podium to the stories behind the images.

When you buy a Fine Art Print, you directly support our photographers and give them the opportunity to create work that's based on their own vision and not directly related to the wishes of commercial clients.

Doka works selectively so we can pay attention to the presentation of our photographers work, ensuring care and thought are put into the end presentation and product that you buy.



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