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Doka Featured 38: Steoville

Doka Featured 38: Steoville

“I’m Stephen Ocampo Villegas also know as Steoville ( @steoville ). Steoville was born from the combination of my name and surnames. I’m a self-taught visual artist from Colombia.”⠀

“The majority of my work are Self Portraits. I like to experiment a lot, deform the body and at the same time look for “Delicacy” in the male body.”⠀

“Every Self Portrait is an experiment and exploration of Myself” — Steoville⠀







Doka Featured is a series initiated by Doka. Doka features emerging photographers via weekly takeovers on our Instagram profile. At the end of the year an exclusive selection of prints will be selected which will be availabe in a limited edition.

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