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Doka Featured 34: Fabrice Cilpa

Doka Featured 34: Fabrice Cilpa

Fabrice (@fabrice_cilpa) lives in Lyon, France, and has been practicing Street photography for 4 years. Before that, he worked in a cinema, in an alternative way by producing several short films and a feature film in 2014.⠀

The main reason Fabrice decided to move to photography, which he already practiced as a hobby, and especially to Street Photography, was motivated by a desire for more freedom and autonomy in the creative process. ⠀

A freedom to be able to create at any time and autonomy, to be able to do it without needing other resources apart from his camera. Fabrice likes the idea that the street is always there, whatever the time of day, with all its “actors”, always ready to be captured by his lens.⠀







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