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Fine Art Guide

Doka delivers Fine Art prints in the best possible quality. In the overview below, you will find an explanation of all features and characteristics. A few practical pointers are provided as well; such as maintenance and light.
Do you like the work of our photographer’s and like to find out more before you order? We are here to help and advice. Our team is more than happy to help you with all possible questions.
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Limited edition

All Doka Fine Art prints are released in a limited edition. Each print sold is numbered and registered and you will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by both the photographer and the master printer.
The certificate contains a unique serial number and is provided with a Doka seal. You will also receive a sticker that corresponds to the certificate to mount on the back of the print or frame.
All prints are released in a limited edition

Free shipping

Free shipping on all orders within the EU. Do you live outside the EU and like to order a print? Please get in touch via
Free shipping on all EU orders

Premium quality

Doka deliveres high quality Fine Art prints. We partner with a Hahnemühle certified studio with years of experiece in delivering prints to musua and galleries worldwide.
Doka Fine Art Prints are printed with an Epson P20000 printer on premium Fine Art papers.
Certified Hahnemühle Studio


All prints include a 50 mm bleed. If the image size is for example 90 x 60 cm, the print size is 100 x 70 cm. Questions? Please get in touch  via
All prints include a 50 mm bleed.


We suggest framing your Fine Art Print as soon as you have received it, so as not to damage it. You can protect your print from the elements, keep it clean and present it beautifully in a frame of your choice.
Each Fine Art Print is delivered with gloves, which should always be used when handling the print. If you need to touch the print, do so on the bleed. Never touch the main image because the area is very sensitive.


When you pick your Fine Art Print, please consider the place you would like to display it. The reflection of the sun, can unfortunately result in seeing less of your Fine Art Print than you would like.
So if you want to hang your framed Fine Art print in a place where the majority of the day it will be exposed to sunlight, choose framing with museum glass. You could also choose a gallery frame without glass, but please keep in mind the print is not protected in this way and fragile. No matter how sensitive your Fine Art Print is, you will never have to worry about it fading.