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Doka Featured 33: Johann Kööp

Doka Featured 33: Johann Kööp

“My name is Johann Kööp (@kanaliha), originally from Estonia, but currently living and studying in the Netherlands. In my photography, I mostly reflect on personal stories and feelings and try to present them as something surreal, yet familiar.”⠀

“I have trouble figuring out what these things mean to me, so in a way, the surreal aspect of my work represents the confusion within me. I play around with different types of lighting to find a way to visualize both the surreal and the familiar aspects of the emotions I the concepts are inspired by.⠀

“I started out by photographing dark landscapes or scenes that meant something to me, but over time I have started to take more interest in people and have been influenced by fashion photography.” ⠀

“I feel like I can have more control over my ideas and concepts this way and communicate in a way that is more satisfying for myself. I often like to go back to photographing landscapes and still life for a chance to learn from my past and reflect upon the ideas I had back then.”






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