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Doka Featured 41: Seeavton

Doka Featured 41: Seeavton

“I’m Daphne, 25 years old, from Switzerland ( @seeavton ). Having been a lover of arts from a very young age my journey led me to the use of diverse mediums, but none of them had what photography has to offer: an interactive part.”

“For me, it is about the engagement with others and the creative process is what I live for. My pictures rarely make it into its printed form. For me, the emotions evoked while producing the piece of work, are no longer the same.”⠀

“Nevertheless I am more than happy to print work of mine for whoever fancies it. After all, to fill this world with art is one way of trying to understand it.”⠀






Doka Featured is a series initiated by Doka. Doka features emerging photographers via weekly takeovers on our Instagram profile. At the end of the year an exclusive selection of prints will be selected which will be availabe in a limited edition.

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