Piecing the world back together

“The motivation for this series was a sense of dislocation I often feel between the digitally simulated and the real.“


The ‘real’ is tactile and tangible. The ‘real’ responds to the effects of time. However the ‘digital’ does not appear to behave this way.


Searching for a means to express this disconnection Julian Hibbard began to rework the images in this series by either fragmenting and erasing parts or adding additional graphic elements such as data or diagrams.

This method of intervening has the effect of releasing latent undertones embedded in the original work and also parallels the effect of time on memory – for memories too are built and rebuilt every time we revisit them.

In restoring a sense of change over time and by disrupting the normally passive gaze of the spectator, the altered images in this series remind us that beneath the world of appearances reality is in a state of continual change and the act of looking is always structured.

Julian Hibbard

Julian Hibbard is an English fine art photographer and published author. His enigmatic, award-winning images maintain a tension between the real and the imagined – evoking beginnings, endings, hidden narratives and the inevitable passage of time.

Julian has always been interested in images that have a psychological dimension and reflect a state of mind. Common themes in his work are the relationship between memory and light, the phenomena of disappearance over time and feelings produced by the paradoxical nature of distance and desire.

To date he has published two books that explore his unique style of narrative storytelling and visual language – “The Noir A-Z” (2009) and “Schematics: A Love Story” (2011).

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